About Us

Our History

Avante Systems (M) Sdn. Bhd. was founded in 2009 by a group of dynamic and experienced sales and technical support individuals with the passion and drive to succeed. We are a sales and customer service & support provider to the private and public institutions related to technology, manufacturing, electronics industries, research & development, education, oil & gas and etc. Working together with the expertise and professionalism of our core group of pioneers, we are able to leverage on our strengths and advantages to bring timely solutions that meet our customers’ objectives and expectations. The market represents a dynamic, ever-changing environment, and we at Avante Group work consistently to support our customers by giving effective, innovative and reliable services. We put our commitment towards total customer satisfaction with the sincere intention to create meaningful cooperation and achievement by mutual trust. By working hand-in-hand with existing and new partners, we can achieve growth together, bringing benefit and successful completion to the task ahead. Avante Group is committed to building a quality business environment that gives potential for continuous growth and partnership in Avante Group as the Preferred Total Solutions Partner.


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