Graphenea – High quality Graphene oxides/ films

Graphenea, a technology company set up in 2010, is one of Europe’s main producers of graphene. In 2013 the company received an investment from Repsol to boost its technological capacity, support its growth as a business and enable it to maintain its international lead within the emerging graphene production sector.

The company, which employs 11 people and exports graphene materials to 40 countries, supplies its products to global operations for Universities, Research Centers and Industries. Graphenea is part of a growing cluster of nanotechnology companies based at the nanotechnology research centre, CIC nanoGune. The CIC nanoGUNE is a center created with the mission of addressing basic and applied world-class research in nanoscience and nanotechnology, fostering high-standard training and education of researchers in this field, and promoting the cooperation between science community agents and the industrial sector.

Graphenea is a partner of the Graphene Flagship. The EU launchedthis 10-year investment push research programme that aims to find ways of commercialising graphene.

Corporate Information about Repsol 

Repsol is an integrated oil and gas company with presence in more than thirty countries, employing over 23,000 people. It is involved in the entire value chain, including exploration, production, refining, transport, chemicals, service stations and new energy. The main aim of the New Energy unit is to identify opportunities, promote projects and carry out business initiatives in spheres such as biofuels, renewable generation and sustainable transport. It also supports the development of high-tech companies through corporate venture capital investments.


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