Nanofocus – 3D surface analysis & topographer


NanoFocus AG is a pioneering technology leader offering a new generation of high-precision optical 3D surface analysis tools for laboratory and production applications. The company is revolutionising the surface analysis market with its user-friendly, robust, economical instruments. Scientific and industrial users successfully use our systems for the three-dimensional mapping and inspection of micrometer and nanometre surface structures in research, engineering and manufacturing facilities. As a developer, manufacturer, and distributor, NanoFocus has years of patented know-how in the high-resolution optical 3D measuring technology and analysis.


The NanoFocus AG product range includes outstanding hardware solutions combined with powerful software packages. Innovative NanoFocus systems enable extremely fast, easy and contactless, 3D topography measurements with resolutions in the nanometre range. A large number of well-known companies in the automotive, electronics,- and medical technology industries, as well as renowned research institutes, and numerous nano-technology and micro-technology companies trust NanoFocus solutions.


µsurf: 3D surface measurement
µscan: Precise 3D profilometry
µsprint: Ultra fast line sensors
µsoft: Powerful software


Automotive industry
Fuel cell technology
Paper and print industry
Electronics and semi-conductors
Medical technology
Mechanical engineering
Materials science
Microsystems technology
Safety engineering
Solar technology
Tool manufacture

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