Nikon Metrology – X-ray & Computed Tomography Inspection Systems

Nikon Metrology manufactures X-ray and Computed Tomography (CT) inspection systems that get the inside picture of complex industrial parts, by looking into the internal structure. The CT capability is used to qualify and quantify any inner or outer dimension in a smooth, non-destructive process. X-ray electronics inspection systems respond to a growing demand for flexible, detailed and affordable inspection to cope with the demands of ever-smaller electrical components and comply with tighter quality standards.

Nikon Metrology offers metrology solutions for applications ranging from inspection of micro-components to the assembly of the largest aircrafts. The optical precision solutions contribute to an efficient manufacturing process enabling manufacturers to deliver premium quality products in a shorter time. The portfolio comprises CMMs, 3D laser scanners, X-ray and CT systems, large-scale metrology solutions and an extended range of vision measuring systems and industrial microscopes.


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